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United health professionals present a powerful force to hold governments accountable and protect health from climate change


Our current use of resources and production of greenhouse gases is leading to destabilisation of global ecosystems. Continuing ‘business as usual’ will cause severe and irreversible damage to human health.

Climate change is a global health threat, just as nuclear war was a global health threat where health professionals played a key role in halting an irreversible trajectory to severe and widespread damage to health.

"Let’s be positive, opportunistic, and ensure we do not waste the current crisis. Let’s throw brains and application at the issues.. not just money." David Pencheon, Director, NHS Sustainable Development Unit, Board Member of Climate and Health Council

People in rich countries are using a disproportionate and unfair amount of the earth’s limited resources. For example, if everyone on the planet had the same lifestyle as those of us in the UK, we would need three earths to provide the resources.

Our collective voice can prevent this unfair situation worsening. We must both support and challenge our governments to take action on climate change.

Thousands of health professionals have already signed the Climate and Health Council pledge. Can your support make a difference?

YES!  Take action with your colleagues, and with your peers globally.

1. Sign the pledge. Add your voice to the growing number of health professionals across the world who support international agreements on climate change.

Through the Climate and Health Council, your voice will be represented at United Nations meetings.

2. Invite colleagues to join the Climate and Health Council - ask them in person, send an email or send a message.

3. What else can you do to strengthen the health voice calling for action to protect health from climate change?

Be a champion: put climate change on the agenda of all meetings — clinical teams, committees, professional networks. Doctors can tip opinion with chairs and chief executives.

Join with colleagues to take increase awareness, create change locally and advocate for international action. Go to Be creative!