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Privacy, Membership & Legal Statement

The Climate Health Council aims to create a responsible, caring community.

  • Members' data collected by the network will never be used for commercial purposes. Data collected is held on our host, SocialGo networks, but is legally owned only by the Climate Health Council. To read SocialGo's statement of privacy click here.


  • The CHC may contact you by email to ask whether you would like to be connected with other members, climate groups or health professionals in your country or locality. We will only do so with your explicit permission by email.


  • The Council Administrators reserve the right to ban community members without warning in the interest of maintaining a responsible and caring community. We will never ban someone just for disagreeing with us, but we will be quick to ban anyone behaving in an abusive or aggressive manner.


  • We created this community to further the aims of the Climate Health Council. However, content posted to this community does not necessarily reflect the views of the Climate Health Council, and of course we cannot ensure that all of our members are using and posting on the site because they agree with our aims. For our official stance on climate issues, please read our Charter, What is Good for Health is Good for the Environment.