The Climate and Health Council needs donations to build and strengthen the movement of climate-concerned health professionals. For example, we've recently been able to use donations from members to pay for the design, development and upkeep of this new website and publicise the upcoming conference on Climate, Health and Security.

You can make a one-off donation or become a regular donator to the Council. You can donate through Paypal or by sending a cheque.


Make a regular donation


To support the Council regularly become a Donating Member or register as a Member Organisation.

Donating Members and Member Organisations contribute a set amount to the Council on an annual basis. You can select one of these options when you sign up as a new member. We use Paypal Subscriptions to ensure your transaction is secure. You don't need a Paypal account and you can cancel at any time.

If you are already a member and would like to upgrade to paying member or join as an organisation, simply send a message introducing yourself to one of our administrators at

Make a one-off donation


To make a one-off donation by using the Paypal link below or by cheque. Paypal payments are secure and can be used for one-off only donations, which will not reoccur.

To make a donation by cheque, please write a cheque payable to "Climate and Health Council" and send it to

CHC Treasurer
34 Winns Terrace
London E17 5EJ
Thank you!

Funding and Support Sources


The Council has been funded in part by our members; individuals, organisations, and board members.

We have received payments of £10,000 from the British Medical Association, £20,000 from PepsiCo and £5,000 from PHAST, Public Health Action Support Team. We have also received generous support from Nestle.

Whilst very grateful to all our supporters, the Council puts great store by its independence and does not allow sponsorship to influence its decisions or actions.


If you aren't able to donate then why not tell your colleagues and friends about the Council instead? Show them the Pledge, ask them to join in the community and help expand our network of professionals committed to raising awareness of Climate Change.

The Climate and Health Council would like to thank the British Medical Journal, a key sponsor, and Magic Lantern.