The Council's Vision - Healthy People and a Healthy Planet


"The Climate and Health Council is an international organisation consisting of doctors, nurses and other health professionals who recognise the urgent need to address climate change to protect health. It works towards a world where the impacts of climate change on health are understood and tackled in a way that improves the public's well-being."



The Charter, signed by thousands of health professionals around the world, underscores our central message.





The Climate and Health Council Aims To:

1) Articulate and amplify the message of the need to address environmental and climate issues to protect health

2) Empower and connect health professionals to take action to reduce emissions at home and at work

3) Consolidate the international health voice calling for effective governmental and inter-governmental action to protect health from environmental degradation and climate change

The Climate and Health Council

Executive Board:


Board Members:


Dr Robin Stott

Prof Sue Atkinson CBE


Executive Board Members:

Dr Fiona Godlee: Editor, BMJ; Vice Chair, Climate and Health Council

Dr. Michael Wilks: Chairman, BMA Forensic Medicine Committee; Treasurer, Climate and Health Council

Prof Hugh Montgomery: Director, Institute of Human Health and Performance, University College Hospital

Dr David Pencheon OBE: Director, Sustainable Development Unit for the Health and Social Care System

Prof Ian Roberts: Professor of epidemiology and public health, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine








Dr Tim Ballard: GP; Sustainability lead, Royal College of General Practitioners
Tim Campbell-Smith: Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons
Prof Michael Depledge: Chair of Environment and Human Health, Peninsula Medical School
Dr Peter Carter: General secretary & CEO, Royal College of Nursing
Sir Ian Gilmore: Immediate past President, Royal College of Physicians
Sir Muir Gray: Director, Campaign for Greener Healthcare
Dr Mayer Hillman: Senior fellow emeritus, Policy Studies Institute
Prof Alan Maryon Davis: Immediate Past President, Faculty of Public Health
Prof Vivienne Nathanson: Head of science and ethics, BMA
Dr Jo Nurse: Consultant in public health, UK
Tim Pryce: Carbon Trust, UK
Prof Mala Rao: Institute of Public Health, Hyderabad
Dr Mark Thompson: General Practitioner, Rhayader, Powys, Wales

Roving Ambassadors:


Prof Mike Gill: Fellow, Faculty of Public Health

Hilde Rapp: Director, Centre for International Peacebuilding

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