5 tips to improve your health and the environment

When it comes to changing our lifestyles to have healthier habits, many of us go from trying to exercise more often, to going on a diet or even waking up earlier. However, turning or life around to become more sustainable people does not sound so appealing, as it appears to be more of a sacrifice than a change with many benefits for us. 

With these simple tips, we are going to show you that having a sustainable lifestyle is both easy and has many benefits for us and our health. 


Have you ever thought that eating meat every day is boring? Steaks and pork can eventually have a negative impact on our bodies due to their high amounts of fat and cholesterol. If we think of a regular diet, the nutritionist almost always begins by cutting down our red meat intake, just for health reasons. 

The great thing is that this is also beneficial for the planet, reducing -not eliminating- the number of times we eat meat also cuts dramatically our carbon footprint. Besides, you are not limiting your options of food, you are widening them.

Nowadays, there are more and more recipes that play with many colorful ingredients such as veggies, fruits, seeds and more, creating a whole new range of flavors just waiting to be experienced by us. And many health experts have said that there are countless advantages to having a more plan-based diet, and there is proof we do not need to get all our protein from animals. 

For recipe ideas you can follow the #MeatlessMondays and join thousands of people sharing their ideas of just one day without meat.

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Transportation fun

Another great part of our health comes from exercising and what better way to do it than by helping the environment?

 An easy way to get your workout done is by leaving the car behind and walk to work, school or wherever you need to be. If walking is unavailable, you can always ride a bike or rent one from one of the mobility apps that are available in your city. It’s like killing two birds with one stone! 

A huge way to reduce carbon emissions is to avoid vehicles entirely, but we understand that sometimes you just need a car to get from one point to another. That doesn’t have to mean you always need to own a car, though, you can use one of the many services for car sharing. And if you are travelling, there is no better way to getting to know the place than by walking its streets, riding a bike or travelling by train. You’ll never miss one of those incredible landscapes again. 

Say hello to the thermos world 

Water bottles are so out of style now. The trendiest things are thermos, with every single design, material, brand, etc. available for every taste. So stop buying plastic bottles and straws! 

With your own reusable thermos or bottle, you’ll be able to save money since bottled water is more expensive, you will help the planet and you will see how the habit of carrying your own drink inspires other people to do the same. By adding a filter to your kitchen sink or getting a separate water filter, you can have a continuous supply of drinking water at home without having to stock up on plastic bottles.

Finally, another advantage is that you’ll drink more water which is good for your health and you will eventually stop buying other bottled beverages such as soda or juice, which are also bad for your body. 

Consume seasonally

Did you know that fruits and vegetables are seasonal? The benefit of consuming the local products and in their season is that they are richer in flavor, vitamins and properties; they are cheaper, and you avoid fruits genetically modified to last all year long. 

The huge strain on the soil is the result of added chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides to produce vegetables or fruits that are not necessary from that season. However, if we change our consumer behavior, the demand for everlasting fruits and veggies will drop and the need to produce them will stop as well. 

Finally, do your shopping thoughtfully, bring your own grocery bags to avoid the plastic or paper bags they have in supermarkets, you certainly do not need a tiny plastic bag for every apple in your cart. Start off by purchasing reusable containers (aluminum is best) to pack your food in. Or opt for beeswax-based products that sustainably store food, are easy to wash, and are even reusable.

Have more plants! 

Did you know that having more plants in you home can reduce your levels of stress and anxiety? 

Having a calm environment where you feel safe and happy is always good for both our physical and mental wellbeing. And plants also have the effect of purifying the air around you, releasing it from toxins and bad smells. 

Gardening is a very relaxing hobby and it has benefits for the planet as well. Since many of us do not have a big yard to plant many trees, we can help with many plants that also create oxygen and absorb CO2. 

All in all, the benefits of taking care of one aspect of our life impacts on others. Helping our bodies and minds doesn’t come separate from looking after the environment. And if we look at these things with the connection that they have, the easier that it will be for us to embrace them and change or lives.